{Closed} Tips on Exploring Your Local Area
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As you will probably know I love traveling and exploring but I also try and make sure I am exploring and making the most of my local area too. Which I know is easy to forget to do! Here are some easy tips on how to make the most of where you live;

Try new transportation
I have started cycling a lot to get around Edinburgh and it has opened up more places I love to go to in my spare time. If you aren’t up for cycling, try and mix things up on how you get around. If you usually take the bus, trying walking instead and see what you see, or try and take a different route home from work for example - you will be surprised how much is on your doorstep.

A date with your city
Have you been dying to try somewhere but can’t pin anyone down to join you in your plans? Make it a solo trip! It is easy to find ourselves promising that ‘someday’ you will try a place that has been on your radar for a while. Get it in the diary when you are going and commit to going - even if it is by yourself.

Start a dining club
Last year a few of my friends started a dining club, where we committed to trying a restaurant that none of us had tried before each month. Each member had to make a suggestion for the group where they wanted to try.  It worked a treat! I got to discover some of my new favourite restaurants and got to explore completely new parts of Edinburgh.

Support local
Giving Amazon a break and supporting local is a great way to discover local artisans, retailers, talent and of course different events in your city. Who doesn’t love a Sunday market? Supporting local creates a great community spirit and I have been surprised how many events there are regularly both big and small. It is also a great way to meet new people and show them your appreciation for the products you buy. “When you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!”

Walk without a purpose
It is easy to stick to your routine, walk to work, the supermarket, your friend’s house, generally your usual A to Bs. Why not take half an hour to dander without a purpose? If you are looking for a bigger weekend discovery get a map of your local area and chose what area you haven't been to before and explore without a purpose!

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