How Probiotics Can Make You Feel Great

I had gone through colitis for several years which meant endless doctor appointments, blood tests and various medications. Having had enough, my mum and I decided to look to alternatives to get me back to health – the answer was probiotics!

In this post I wanted to highlight that having a healthy gut is key to disease healing and prevention, weight loss and so many more benefits. Through an over exposure of antibiotics or eating meat that has been overly exposed to antibiotics a lot of us don’t have a healthy gut. Getting my gut into shape has allowed me to suppress my colitis to an extremely manageable level and I am so thankful that I gave probiotics a shot.

The gut is made up of 1000s of different types of bacteria and antibiotics strip your gut of these including the good bacteria!

Benefits of Probiotics

  • Known to increase your metabolism as the bacteria feeds off you calories

  • Probiotics help with hormonal balance, the hormones that regulate your blood sugar in particular

  • Probiotics are anti-inflammatory for the gut which will reduce toxins in the body and colitis/crohns symptoms.

How to Add Probiotics into Your Diet

In terms of adding probiotics to your diet there is obviously things like Yakult (full of a lot of sugar though) but there is other ways too;

  • Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup – made from fermented rye, beans and rice which is extremely popular over there and Japanese people are among the healthiest people in the world if that is anything to go by

  • Kombucha is fermented tea that contains a high amount of healthy gut bacteria – you can get it in most Asian supermarkets or healthfood stores and it is a good substitute if you really like fizzy drinks too

  • Fermented things like pickles and saurcruat are also high in priobitics

  • Probiotic supplements are also an excellent shout, I use Modere’s probiotics, which are 5 strains (more than you find on the high street). If you use the code 723135 you can get £10 discount too!

So in a nutshell you want to get as much fermented food and drink into your system and maintaining a healthy gut can help you lose weight, reduce the toxins in your body, give yourself a lot more energy and free yourself from cronic symptoms. And for me, probiotics have allowed me to come off medication - which the doctor said I would be on for life!

Hope this helps & feel free to ask me any questions. You might also like:

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