Happiness in Copenhagen - Hipsters, Bikes & Beers


​Copenhagen is such a beautiful city full of vibrant streets, friendly people and amazing architecture.

I have to admit I do love a "hipster" area of a city and Copenhagen has many hipster areas to choose from! My favourite area was Nørrebro despite many guidebooks suggesting Vesterbro being the most vintage part of the city (both areas worth exploring though.) Vintage shops galore - at surprisingly good prices (we all know prices in vintage shops in the UK can be crazy). This area has a really cool vibe and whether you are wanting a vogue magazine from the 80s, wall art of Pulp Fiction or a beer on a bean bag , this area has it all. I was even able to land myself a Springsteen inspired denim jacket for 30 quid!

This area is also home to the beginning of the annual music festival Distortion; which is a 3 to 5 day event which celebrates international club culture, attracting people from all around the world. It is usually held at the beginning of June each year.


In Copenhagen there are more bikes than cars, the guy we stayed with had four bike for a flat of two! Copenhagen even has cycle highways and bike holders on every form of public transport. Cycling in Copenhagen is definitely a must.

Copenhagen is blessed with a flat landscape, perfect for a bike culture to cultivate. The locals cycle come rain or shine, we had an authentic Danish experience when we cycled into the city when it was bucketing down. When we arrived in the bar drenched from head to toe no one even looked twice.

We were able to get a bike for 5 Euros a day from this place; Luca’s cykler, Luca is eh, a funny character to say the least but he will give you a good deal, apparently a lot cheaper than other places in the city.


Denmark, the home of Carlsberg and Tuborg. Copenhagen also has so many great, less well known beers, to choose from all with distinct tastes. For a real authentic Copenhagen beer experience head down to Søernes ølbar where there is an array of different craft beers and where you can play the traditional dice bar game of ‘Synd’ with the locals. Søernes ølbar is a cosy pub with candles and a great atmosphere whatever night of the week, located overlooking one of the “fake lakes” it is a perfect place to chill out after a long day of sightseeing.

I would also really recommend trying ‘The Golden Lady’ , a great Danish beer available in both a light and dark version and really reasonably priced.

I absolutely loved my trip to Copenhagen, It felt a home from home and I can’t wait to return.

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