5 Hidden Gems of Edinburgh - You Won't Find These in Guidebooks

When I moved to Edinburgh a part of me, of course wanted to experience all the touristy things. With all the guidebooks giving me the same recommendations, I wanted to find the best things to do in Edinburgh for myself! So here are my top 5 since living here. Enjoy x.


1 - Hanedan​

Turns out my taste buds are a big fan of Turkish food. This quaint little restaurant, Hanaden has not served me wrong yet. Located in the up and coming student area of Newington, there is a lot bars in the proximity to continue the night after. Would definitely recommend “efes” –Turkey makes great beer too! In terms of the menu, I would go for the tapas version so you get a little bit of everything. Top priority  has to be the spicy Turkish sausage  “sucuk” potentially my favourite discovery of 2015….This place is small so if you plan to go on the weekend make sure to book in advance! Enjoy the ambiance, the friendly staff and beautiful authentic food.


2 - The Southern

If I haven’t convinced you with Turkish food and your taste buds are a little more traditional, try The Southern for the best burgers in the city! With a third of the menu just burgers you won’t be stuck for choice, no specific recommendations here because they are all so great! Stout fan? Definitely try “Black Ball” – only available at this bar so enjoy the exclusivity and see if it really is the Scottish answer to Guinness. This bar offers brilliant feel good music, those tunes that you know all the words to but had forgotten they had even existed. Games, games and more games – they literally have everything, so if that first date is going horribly wrong whip out the monopoly, The Southern has your back!


3 - Blackford hill

After all that food and drink you will want to walk some of it off right? Arthur’s Seat may seem like the obvious choice? Exactly …it’s obvious….Why not try Blackford hill? Not as steep as Arthur’s seat but still providing you with great views of Edinburgh with less crowds. Also has a nice reservoir at the bottom and is conveniently on route to number four on my list ….




4 - The Dominion

You will never want to go to a normal cinema after experiencing ‘The Dominion’ in Morningside. This cinema opened in 1938 and the feel of vintage Hollywood and glamour still remains. You will be able to enjoy your own sofa and free snacks to go along with it! If you are really wanting to live the high life you can order champagne along with your screening too. The Dominion is reasonably priced but there is deals available occasionally on itison and groupon.


5 - Treasure troves on Nicolson Street

With my eternal student heart I wanted to give a shout out to the amazing charity shops on Nicolson Street. No seriously, if you are a newbie to the world of charity shops, this is the place to start! There are about 10 charity shop within 30 seconds of each other. There is regularly brand new items with the labels still on. Some of my purchases include a Miss Selfridge fur coat, a pinafore from Top Shop and Diesel jeans. Go have a rummage and you will not regret it, “a man’ rubbish is another man’s treasure” after all!


A Bonus Gem 

I was finishing off this blog post in a café just off the Royal Mile and it was so good I had to feature it on this list too. Procaffination, has amazing coffee, award winning brownies and gorgeous soup. The coffee in particular was so good, it gave me an idea to start a series of “Coffee with Clarity” and I will share with you guys my new coffee discoveries in and around Edinburgh! :)

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