23 Things I Learnt in 23 Years

It’s weird, I always thought of 23 as being so old and here I am with still so much to learn, so much to experience and a long way to go! I have been blessed with 23 years of adventure, opportunities and meeting so many wonderfully inspirational people. So I want to share with you 23 things I have learnt so far from travelling, family, dating, friendships and things in between! So here it goes:

  1. My mum and dad are probably the coolest people I know

  2. Don’t trust Google maps. It lies.

  3. Self compassion is one of the most beneficial things I have invested time in

  4. Documenting your travels is such a necessity - you will forget 95%* otherwise

  5. Tiger balm bite cream is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made….

  6. Digestive dipped into hot water with lemon needs to become a thing

  7. I am the happiest when I am not on my phone

  8. I have realised that friendship needs effort when a part but should be effortless when together

  9. It’s okay that some friends are only in some chapters of your life

  10. I’m all for dating apps/meeting online – but you can’t beat meeting someone in real life

  11. When dating I have learned to ask are the they best for me, not the other way round

  12. The phrase: to make ends meat is actually to makes ends MEET: Mind. Blown.

  13. Social media isn’t real.

  14. I have 100% control over my stress and happiness

  15. The more I research the more I realise the cosmetic, food industry and medical industry aren’t always on my side

  16. Gin doesn’t give me hangovers

  17. Diasarnno and milk is an underrated drink of choice

  18. I never regret spending money on experiences

  19. Reading wil always be better than Netflix

  20. Trying a new hobby ever year has been a major source of my happiness

  21. Ignorance is not bliss

  22. Don't live for the weekend - make plans for a Wednesday

  23. Everyone loves karaoke. Even if they proclaim they don't, my 23rd birthday party proved otherwise.....

*I made that stat up. :P

Hi, I'm Sophie! I hope you enjoy my blog where I share my tips on traveling, starting a career, eating healthy, dating and all those other tricky things of being in your 20s.


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