5 New Year Resolutions 2016 - Live with More Clarity

1. Be a Finisher – I am a terrible person for starting projects and never following them through (this blog for example ha-ha) but this year I am going to be committed to the projects I start and see them through to the end. Finishing projects through to the end even if they are a failure will allow me to reflect on the lessons I can take away from them.

2. Surround Myself with Inspiration – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. This quote is one that has really stuck with me. In one way it scares me, being trapped among people that are lowering your “autosum.” But in another sense it keeps me continually re-evaluating who I am spending my time with. I am excited to see who 2016 and will bring into my life. It has a lot to live up to considering the new people brought into my life in 2015.

3. Get More Sleep – Last year, in particular the last 3 months it has seemed to be constant late nights and early mornings, I think because I was excited to make the most of my new city, Edinburgh. But there is only so long you can keep that up for – and I will try to cut back this year.

4. Journal my Gratitude – I used to do this a couple of years ago, a good exercise for the mind and soul. Also fun to read back over as well. Once you get into the routine of doing this it seems to make a real difference to your daily look out and makes you really appreciate the little things.

5. Dedicate Time to Cook – If it takes longer to cook it than eat it I don’t bother -has been the rule I have been living by so far. I dedicate time to sourcing the best and most nutritious stuff for my morning smoothie but I think it is time to dedicate some energy to my other meals. I want more control over what I put into my body and make more raw/vegan choices.

Hi, I'm Sophie! I hope you enjoy my blog where I share my tips on traveling, starting a career, eating healthy, dating and all those other tricky things of being in your 20s.


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