Goals : What if Money was No Object ?

I am so grateful to have friends that I can share my personal goals with, who inspire me to keep pushing through my challenges and simply want the best for me. Me and two best friends this afternoon got together to chat about what we want in life and I wanted to share with you some of the things we covered!

I have read a lot about how influential a sense of purpose in our lives is on our happiness. Does having personal goals really matter? Do you always have to be working towards something? Research has found that having goals and having a target, automatically makes us feel happier whether these are big or small goals. I have found that having goals keeps me positive and encourages me to keep forward to be the best person I can be and to live an inspired life.

However just having goals in your mind isn't as effective as physically writing these goals down. I started writing down my goals a year ago, and I haven't looked back. You can start with what you want to achieve in the next month and build up to longer term life goals.

Really thinking about what you want in life, whether it be long term or short term it is difficult. It’s hard to avoid the generic answers of a better car, a bigger house. Something to think about is, what if money was no object ?

I have been told again and again by mentors - forget about money, if it's about the money it's pointless. You will continue to do things that you don't like doing to do things you don't like doing.....What do you think these goals would look like now? My generation in particular believe time is the new currency - people want freedom to do what they want and when they want. More and more people now prioritise experiences over material goods. I think it is so important prioritise things that give you the opportunity to do things with others, being able to make memories, tell others about your experience and being able to relive the happiness all over again!

For more inspiration:

Seeing my goals written out every day has a real effect on my subconscious, just like me watching a motivational video again and again, your mind is reminded of what it wants. My brain started subconsciously making decisions that made me one step closer to achieving my goal. Goals keep you motivated. Goals give you structure. Goals make you accountable.

I know this seems simple but it really does work, how to set goals:

Write down your goals

Review them frequently

Write only a few

Let me know if you have any goal setting tips to share!

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