How to Make Travel Life Easier

Travel life easier

I am just back from my trip from South Korea, Philippines and Singapore and like every trip it has handed me a fresh a batch of wisdom. All trips are different but there are some things I have learned over the years that have made my travelling go a lot smoother and I hope these tips will help you too. Comment below if you have great tips to share, I would love to hear them.

Print booking itinerary before you go

​If you have a trip with many stops it’s worth printing out your itinerary or having it easily to hand. I have experienced a lot of airports require information of when you are planning on returning to their country or they want to double check you’re not coming back before allowing you to check-in. Easier to have your bookings accessible than having a faff at the airport!

Take note of nearby pharmacies

​When you don’t need a pharmacy, seek out a pharmacy after arriving at a new destination. Believe me when you are in pain, even if it is something simple the last thing you will want to do is trek the streets to find one.

Ask for no ice

​I know this is a simple tip but it can make a huge different. If the water in the area you are travelling in is not drinkable make sure you ask for no ice! Sometimes locals don’t consider this as still something you are drinking and may also forget the risks for foreigners as their bodies will be used to it. Annoying, I know when you are in 30 degrees but you can always ask for a cold beer instead ;-)

Make a copy of your passport​

Not that I have been in this situation before but losing your passport can be a stressful and drawn out process to resolve travellers have told me. Bringing a photocopy of your passport can speed up the process a lot, making the difficult situation a little easier – worth bringing for back up!

Western Union can help​

Losing all your money and bank cards sounds like a dark tunnel with no light right? But did you know Western Union could save the day? A family member or friend can deposit money into Western Union near them with your passport number, all you have to do is present your passport at your nearest Western Union to get your emergency cash!

Make yourself known

​In some countries, it would be impossible to pass as a local, if this is the case don’t stand out as an obvious tourist either. At best try and pass off as an expat and pretend you know what you are doing (even if you don’t have a clue!). Making yourself known with a smile can go a long way. Appearing friendly naturally makes people want to help you, whether it be with directions and warning you of bad areas. If you happen to find yourself in a bad area act confident and smile, appearing scared or vulnerable isn’t going to do you any favours.

Don’t charge your phone overnight

​If you’re in less developed areas avoid charging your phone overnight or unattended. Especially if there is bad weather or a tropical storm on the horizon. Storms can cause power cuts and electrical surges, this combined with potentially faulty sockets can cause your chargers or devices to overheat and explode. (I swear it was like an indoor firework going off in my room when it happened to me.)

Don’t get hung up on valuables

​If someone threatens you for any valuable, just give them it – that’s what insurance is for. Back up your memories on the cloud whenever you can from your devices, everything else is replaceable. Your well being is the most important.

Thanks for reading and would love to hear your top tips from your travels!

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