What Makes Iceland so Awesome?

I am just back from one of my favourite trips of all time – Iceland! I can’t recommend it enough, here are some reasons why Iceland is SO awesome :) If you have been to Iceland, I would love to know what you got up to!

Black Beaches and Icebergs

Coming from a seaside town in Northern Ireland, my heart will always belong to the beach! The south coast of Iceland has some of the most magical beaches I have ever seen. The sands are black from the volcanic ash, getting bashed by white waves and crystals from ice bergs. This combination makes you feel like you are an explorer on another planet – especially when there isn’t another soul in sight! If you know the weather forecast for your trip, try and prioritise Crystal Beach for one of your sunny days – the chunks of icebergs sparkling on the black sands is a sight not to be missed!

Exploring Crystal Cave is another thing to priortise for a sunny day, to truly show the beauty of inside the glacier. We used Guide to Iceland, who provided an awesome tour guide, a drive in a monster jeep in the highlands and 45 mins in the cave.

(Top Tip: watch your footing - I stepped in a puddle of ice water within the first 2 minutes of the excursion, a lot mental strength was used up to remind myself to ignore the pain of my icey feet! :( )

The Cutest Capital City in the World

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city in the west of the country is more like a little town from a story book. There are no major high street chains, just lanes of cute boutiques to explore. Each building of Reykjavik is a different shade and there is plenty of choice to stop for a hot chocolate or fresh cod from the harbour for lunch. The city is so small there is no public transport needed, you can simply wander around at your desired pace.

(Visit Reykjavik and Inspired by Iceland are great resources for things to do!)

Our Favourite Meal: Fish Restaurant Reykjavik

Best view: Top of Hallgrimskirkja Church

Reindeers and Fairy Coves

The East of Iceland is home to lots of wild reindeer, them prancing around the national parks gives you a glimpse of what the big guy gets to see on Christmas Eve.

The frozen waterfalls of Iceland could not be described as anything else but fairy coves. These stunning water formations with icicles as big as me. Some hidden away along rivers, some hidden in valleys, the droplets on moss in the sunlight makes you believe in fairy dust…..if you didn’t already.

Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss are definitely worth a visit, but if you are looking for an adventure away from the tour buses head along the F248 road, further along from Seljalandsfoss until you come to a waterfall slightly hidden away on the right. Hike up to the top of the hill for an absolutely amazing view. If you are feeling more adventurous you will see ropes and chains where you can abseil down the side to the river (level 1 abseiling you will be grand, not too steep and if you fall it will be onto snow!)

Quirky and Happy Icelanders

The majority of Iceland believe in elves, are super fans of punk, creative and open people :)

Iceland can be expensive, so we opted for AirBnB which was a cheap option and an opportunity to spend some of the time with the locals. In Iceland you couldn’t feel more welcomed and safe. All our hosts were so lovely and were able to give us lots of local recommendations, not necessarily in guidebooks.

Where we stayed:

Reykyavik, The Golden Circle , Höfn

(You can use my code for £30 off your first AirBnB stay, in the side bar)

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And best of all for me, I got to explore this amazing country with Stuart....

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