My Bucket List



  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland 

  • See the mosques in Istanbul ✔

  • Cross Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan ✔ 

  • Dress as a geisha in Kyoto, Japan ✔

  • Sit in Time Square, New York ✔

  • Float in the Dead Sea 

  • Kayak around El Nido, Philippines ✔

  • Drink beer in Saigon, Vietnam ✔

  • See Angkor Wat at sunrise, Cambodia ✔

  • Drive the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne ✔

  • See the Waitomo glow worm Caves in New Zealand

  • Chill at San Francisco Bay ✔

  • Kayak around the Rocky Mountains, Canada 

  • Drive road 500 in the North of Scotland ✔

  • Spend a summer in Barcelona 

  • Listen to jazz in New Orleans 

  • Walk the Great Wall of China 



  • Live in Edinburgh ✔ 

  • Sing in the Fringe Festival ✔

  • See Morriessy live in concert ✔

  • Own a micro house

  • Write a novel 

  • Start a charity 

  • Do a triathlon 


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Hi, I'm Sophie! I hope you enjoy my blog where I share my tips on traveling, starting a career, eating healthy, dating and all those other tricky things of being in your 20s.


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