5 Instagram Accounts to Brighten Up Your Feed

I am more of an Instagram person than a Facebook person so I am always looking for new Instagram accounts to follow. Here are some of my current favourites that really brighten up my feed. If you have any recommendations below please comment below.

@hellogiggles Why Follow : I am a huge fan girl of Zooey Deschanel and I absolutely love the Instagram account that accompanies her blog HelloGiggles. The blog was started by Zooey (I like to pretend I am on first name terms with her), Molly McAleer and Sophie Rossi with the aim of creating a positive online community for women and to always bring a smile to your face!


Why Follow : Bumble is mainly know for their dating app but they also have an awesome Instagram account and Beehive Blog . Both blog and Instagram account have some laugh out loud relatable anecdotes about friendships, dating and generally trying to make it in life. There will be lots of tagging of your girlfriends in their posts.

@abeautifulmess Why Follow : This account is an absolute treat for the eyes. I want to print out every post and hang it up with little pegs on a string. Full of colour and vibrancy , each post will make you feel good. (Use their hashtag #abeautifulmess to get featured.)

@bymariandrew Why Follow: Simple and heartfelt sketches that perfectly depict some of the hardships that everyone goes through. This writer / illustrator started her Instagram has a form of new self-expression for herself but has gained a global audience that adore her witty and original creations.

@wigwam.digital Why Follow : A creative agency based in Glasgow collate some of the most breathtaking views of Scotland, Iceland and beyond - I want to paint every picture they post (......if I could actually paint). They are a wonderful agency that fight for brands that do good!

Hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do and they give a little sparkle to your daily scroll.

PS Here is my Instagram account - that I always try and keep colourful and happy 😊


Why Follow : I aim to keep my Instagram full of things I love including my travels, my home of Northern Ireland and Edinburgh and things that make me generally happy in my daily life.

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