5 Podcasts I am Loving at The Moment

I have only got into podcasts relatively recently, after my main gal Rach (please check out her content it's beautiful) had so many great recommendations for me. I now love listening to podcasts on my commutes, doing the housework or just having some alone time on the sofa. Here are the ones I have been loving so far. I would love to know more recommendations - I am always on the hunt for a new discovery!

Call Your Girlfriend After getting to see a live recording of Call Your Girlfriend in San Francisco , I am in-love with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow- these gals talk about anything from political systems from around the globe to human rights to being self employed to their favourite snack discoveries. They make the hard hitting topics accessible to all while making the light hearted topics extra funny. They also regularly have some amazing guests too including; Alicia Garza, Morgan Jerkins and Hillary Clinton.

The Doorstep Murder This is quite a short podcast series but The Doorstep Murder will have you gripped. A six part series that dives into a true crime tale set in the Highlands of Scotland. It is still open a case and it won't be long into the podcast until you will want to be involved in solving the case too. A true crime that feels like it has came straight out of a best-selling novel.

The Habitat The Habitat is like the birth child between a Brian Cox documentary and Big Brother and such an addictive podcast! It is a true story of six volunteers living on a fake planet. Follow along as these six volunteers live in uncomfortably close quarters trying to survive on "Mars". Also discover some amazing space facts and stories from NASA's previous excursions along the way. The relationship from inside the 'Dome' will have you hooked.

Deliciously Ella If you need a weekly positive boost the Deliciously Ella podcast is for you! Matt and Ella are campaigning for a lot of great change from highlighting the environmental impact on the food choices we make, to helping people be happy with where they are at today to how to exercise in a way that makes you feel great. I love Ella's work and her podcast is a great addition to her content out there.

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton's Happy Place, podcast series stems from her awesome bestselling book, 'HAPPY' where Fearne talks about her own experiences and how she has overcome challenges through her career. Fearne has some great household names joining her in the podcast like Davina McCall and Stephen Fry. (There is also a Happy Place festival with live recordings, yoga and workshops which is now on my bucket list.)

Plus - some exciting podcast news from me! Me and my buddies, Amy from Nylon and Negatives and Gemma from A Helping Handprint have started a podcast, you find us as at @ecoworriersclub. A new podcast about our confessions and challenges we face to save the planet and the worries that come with it. A funny and thought provoking listen, join us in our attempts (and failings) at living a sustainable life. You can listen to it here - I would love to hear your thoughts.


Hi, I'm Sophie! I hope you enjoy my blog where I share my tips on traveling, starting a career, eating healthy, dating and all those other tricky things of being in your 20s.


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