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It is hard to find inspiring and entertaining creative events in your own city when you are unsure where to look for them. In this blog post I will give you a quick overview of some of my favourite finds. Most of these are not exclusive to Edinburgh so wherever you are check if these events are in a city near you. These awesome events are for the creative types, people who want to be inspired or for people who want to discover some new talent. Hope you get the chance to enjoy these events – I would love to hear if you have attended any already!

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. I only discovered this event recently and I am so excited to attend next month! It is an event that features a lecture, Q & A and a yummy breakfast. This lecture is now in lots of cities around the world. Creative Mornings have seen some massive names attending the sessions including Seth Godin and Simon Sinek. Attendees have the opportunity to hear experts’ stories and lessons from their career. It is also a great chance to meet like-minded individuals in your city. What a better way to start a Friday morning than a big blast of inspiration and oh, it’s free! CreativeMonrings is open to any creative individual to students, entrepreneurs or anyone with a creative side project.


GlugGlug is an exciting creative event at different bars in 13 locations around the world. Its humble beginnings is from a group of friends at a pub discussing creative ideas to a world class creative event. This event has also had massive names presenting and attending; Facebook, Google Cretaive Labs, Design Studio amongst many more. These guys have a big vision for the future with the aim of hosting events in 100 cities around the world.

Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds

Gigs in intimate spaces around the world, Sofar Sounds is a global movement which brings the magic back to live music. I absolutely love these events, you apply for a ticket and a plus one. If you are lucky enough to get yours hands on a ticket, you will be informed of the location of the gig a few hours before it starts. The location can be anywhere from abandoned biscuit factories to someone’s living room. The performers are always a vibrant mix of genres; African acapella to electric rock and all of amazing quality. Tickets are hard to get a hold of in cities like London and New York but Sofar Sounds is coming to new cities all the time so look out for these, where it will be easier to get tickets.

Hidden Door Edinburgh

Hidden Door

Hidden Door is a volunteer run multi arts festival is going to held in Leith and will run from 26th May to the 4th June. A whole feast for the creative types including; music, art, spoken word and film. These are special events as an aim is to bring back to life derelict venues of a city and bring back their sparkle. The performers come from all over Scotland, showcasing some of the best talent the country has to offer. The event is free during the day and ticketed at night.

Edinburgh Soup

Edinburgh Soup

A couple of months ago me and fellow blogger buddy TuggyTucksin luckily discovered an awesome event; Edinburgh Soup. It is a new event with the aim to fund community projects in Edinburgh. I have always had a soft spot for social enterprise and start-ups giving back to the world in a creative way so I was super excited to check it out!

For a small entry fee of £5 you get a bowl of tasty soup from Union of Genius, listen to some great music from local artists and hear worthy causes in and around Edinburgh needing your support. At the end of the performances from the local artisans, the audience has a chance to vote for the idea they like best and the winner gets the pot of donations! Described as “live crowd funding, a den without dragons for a good cause” – if you are looking for new social enterprises and charities to support, Edinburgh Soup is not to be missed.

If anyone has any more events like these - I would love to hear them. As always, thanks for reading

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