Top Food Spots in Singapore

Singapore is known for its vibrant food scene with its multitude of amazing Michelin star restaurants and cheap and cheerful street food. It's rare for locals to do any of their own cooking - because there is so much choice! Whether it's authentic Greek food, world class Japanese izikiya or a Sri Lankan breakfast whatever you are in the mood for, Singapore has it all.

I have been lucky enough to visit Singapore with my job at Skyscanner a couple of times and what made it even better was my Singaporean colleagues to show me all the best eating places - and here are some of my food favourites and things you need to try!

Katong Laksa

Laksa is a traditional Singaporean dish and is a must while over there. If you are a wimp like me when it comes to spice, ask for the chili sauce on the side. This is a creamy spicy soup with noodles ....and I have a massive craving for it just thinking about it! It is popular throughout the city but I have been told that Katong's is the best.


Sarnies provides the best smoothies in town, my favourites were the goji berry and banana or the peanut butter smoothie - great to kick start your day with a protein boost.

Free the Robot Cafe

Free the Robot is a hipster's dream ; artisan coffee , smashed avo and their house dog - Baileys. They have lots of cool robot themed merchandise to pick up too. A great one for a chilled afternoon.

Park Bench

If you have been lucky enough to befriend a millionaire to take you on a night out (drinks are ridiculously taxed in Singapore) and you are feeling hungover, head to Park Bench. These overindulgent sandwiches will fix you right up. I would recommend the fried chicken with all the sides, you won't regret it.

Shuuku Japanese Izikaya

This is an awesome spot for some Japanese izikaya (like tapas or mezze , Japanese style!) Go for all the "chef's favourites" on the menu and you won't go far wrong. If you are feeling adventurous try the battered sting ray, if not so adventurous the paramasen chips are delicious!


Bar.Celona is perfect for a night with your girlfriends and is in a really quaint part of town. Cava is surprisingly cheap here (they import it directly from Spanish suppliers) and there are extra discounts on a Wednesday night. For some snacks with your Cava go for the truffle fries and baby octopus, super tasty!

While in Singapore you won't be able to avoid the traditional Singaporean breakfast. This consists of toast with coconut jam and butter perfect if you have a sweet tooth. And if you can stomach it - a runny half-cooked egg.

A quick run down of a few of my favourites, but to be honest I don't think a bad eating place exists in Singapore. If you are planning a trip there, let me know and I would be happy to give you more top tips 😊

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Places to eat in Singapore

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