Wellness Wednesdays at Skyscanner - What is Lifestyle Medicine?

lifestyle medicine

The wellness team at Skyscanner have introduced a new initiative; Wellness Wednesdays! We are covering topics from lifestyle medicine, nutrition, how to get the most out of your workout, stress management and more! In this post I wanted to share some of the expert advice from our speakers so far.

Healthy living became an important part of my life after I was diagnosed with colitis a couple of years ago and with my family going through other health issues, we decided to take health into our own hands. By carefully thinking about my lifestyle choices, I was able to come off medication and completely turn my health around. My family and I have never felt better and our health issues have reduced dramatically. I am now really excited to share my passion at Skyscanner and help people feel the best that they can feel.

Our first speaker was Dr. Rob Lawson general and lifestyle medicine practitioner, former NHS GP. His aim is to help people achieve their optimal health holistically.

Key points from Rob Lawson’s session:

  • 2016 lifestyle is causing more illness in our generation than ever before

  • Comprehensive lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social support and environmental exposures can be used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes

  • 8 hours of sleep makes a huge difference to our energy levels

  • Good quality drinking water should be a priority

  • Make time away from technology, such as microwaves, screens and and phones

  • Pursue passions, be mindful and letting things go keeps stress to a minimum

Susan Kane, food expert and nutritionist, shared with us revealing facts about the food industry and the key nutrients that many people forget about: minerals! Minerals are essential for the utilisation of all the other nutrients, especially vitamins so if you are taking vitamin supplements without mineral supplements a lot of it is going to waste.

In 2017 it’s harder than ever to get enough minerals into our diet as the soil is over worked and therefore deprived of a lot of those minerals. Where can we get them? The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the best preserved source of minerals in the world with 1.1 million tons of minerals flowing into the lake each year. Many companies are now harnessing these minerals for us to take in supplements, brilliant news for us. Personally, I use Modere’s mineral support as it supplies 60 trace minerals in a soluble solution, the best way for your body to absorb minerals, if you use the code: 723135 you can get £10 off your first order ❤

Key points from Susan Kane’s session:

  • Let food be your medicine, medicine be your food!

  • Processed foods, lack of nutrition and poor lifestyle are all linked to modern diseases

  • Minerals are typically forgotten but are needed to absorb vitamins and everything else

  • Most people don’t realize how good their bodies are meant to feel – don’t settle for always being tired, having sore heads or lacking in energy, take action and get that va va voom feeling!

Would love to hear what you guys think of "Lifestyle Medicine" and what it means for you. Or what initiatives your workplace has put in place to look after the wellness of their employees.

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