What Makes the Perfect Travel Soulmate?

You might have guessed already, that I love travelling! There is a big world out there and I want to see as much as I can of it. I have been lucky enough to share some of my travels with the perfect buddies! And it got me thinking, what makes the perfect travel soulmate and what do I appreciate most about them. Finding the right travel buddy will make your trips ten times better and here's what to look out for;

They Force You into Type Two Fun

Type two fun is that type of fun, that usually sucks when it is happening but is something you will look back on happily, a type of the fun that brings you so much value and usually a way to "build character!"

Having a travel buddy that forces you into this type of fun is essential when you are about to embark on an adventurous holiday especially. I'm a bit of a whimp when it comes to adrenaline activities but always enjoy them once they are over and can look back on them. Some of my favourite experiences while travelling have been the things I have been forced into. Cycling up mountains, abseiling down waterfalls or climbing through mines were all things that caused me to get out of my comfort zone at the time but are some of my most treasured memories. You will appreciate the travel buddies that force you into things.....in time! Life is meant to be lived out of your comfort zone, right?

You Want to Give Each Other the Best Trip

Wanting to give each other the best trip means being willing to comprise on your activity of choice, if it means giving your travel buddy a smile on their face and a chance to tick something off their wish list.

This could also mean be willing to take lots of pictures of your travel soulmate until they get their perfect shot or hiking an extra 10 minutes to get to the top. Go for the activity you know they will enjoy enthusiastically rather than just a "I don't mind." If you are willing to do something, you may as well do it wholeheartedly.

You Share the Organising

In any partnership there is always one that will naturally be more keen for an excel sheet and more organised than the other. That doesn't mean they should be left to do everything. Sharing the load on researching what you can do on your trip, transport, what injections you need etc will make you feel more like a team and allow the trip to be more enjoyable for both.

If you are typically the less organised one offer up some ideas on what you can get up to or show you asked for some recommendations - even if the organised one ends up doing more than you they will appreciate the effort.

You Have No Boundaries with Them

Travelling can throw many situations at you and the less boundaries you have with your travel soulmate the better. Whether this is giving daily update of your number 2 movements while you climatise to a Filipino diet or your willingness to cover up your friend while they unknowingly flash a Canadian family as the wind blows their towel away (Thanks Kate).

Having no boundaries can also mean sharing when you are upset or annoyed at something, when you are on the road for a long period of time there is no point to leave things unsaid and cause unnecessary tension in the air - communication is key instead of holding a grudge for three weeks and potentially ruining the holiday.

You Can be Silent Together

Being able to be silent together, for me is always a sign of true friendship. Being silent together means you are completely comfortable with each other and there isn't a feeling of pressure to make conversation. On long trips it's important to still have your alone time, even if that alone time is "together."

They Laugh Through the Lows with You

When things go wrong on the road, which they will, a travel soulmate that can laugh you through the lows is the best. Mother Nature won't always be on your side, or the transport system, or booking.com, or your credit card or your immune system or the air con.....so having a travel soulmate, who can remind you, "we will laugh about this someday" is the best way to get you through it.

Shout out to all my travel buddies who have made my travelling so amazing. Also appreciate your patience as I continue my battle as a ginger wanting to experience different climates, and seeking shade continually wherever I go.

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